Establishing routines & Sleep training

Marta at Maternity Consultancy understands that sleep is a very important part of life, for babies and parents alike.

Sleep training is a gentle way to teach your baby to sleep through the night. This is an alternative to the “crying it out” method, which is difficult for both parents and babies. It’s a gentle process of teaching the baby how to self soothe and fall asleep by themselves, while parents learn more about sleep and healthy sleep habits. Sleep training is suitable for older babies (6 months plus) who are already on solids. Ideally the first step would be to fill out a detailed questionnaire, so that Marta’s time could be used most effectively during a consultation in your home, where she will meet you and your baby, see where she/he is sleeping, discuss your needs and offer advice.

If your baby is younger than 6 months, Marta can help you to create a new, or improve your already existing, routine, allowing you will to gain more sleep at night. Establishing a good routine, during the day and at bed time, early on is comforting and reassuring for both yourself and your baby and will bring you both joy and restful sleep. It’s important to remember children thrive on routines. If your baby has regular sleeps during the day she/he will start to sleep through the night earlier. Regular feeds are equally important. Concentrating on establishing a predictable routine will help you to avoid sleep training later on. Following through with a routine you already have and adapting it as your baby grows is a much more positive experience.
During a consultation in your home Marta can help you establish a routine that will be unique for your family.

Every baby is different and so are the services, it could be a visit in your home, followed by ongoing advice by email or hands-on support. Marta will be happy to offer her support and advice during bed times, as well as, stay overnight and coach you through some techniques.

Please note she may not always be available for overnight coaching, due to other arrangements.

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