Proxy parenting

The dictionary meaning of proxy is “the authority to represent someone else”. One can never replace a parent to a child but can offer the care a parent would offer.

Marta at Maternity Consultancy has been offering proxy parenting for a while now, started in London, she continued to offer this service after moving to Switzerland.

Are you wondering who uses this service? The answer is incredibly varied, but shows how important a proxy parenting service can be to a wide number of people. Parents with no close family near by, single working parents who travel or parents who travel at the same time on either business or leisure. The arrival of a new family member can also call for proxy parenting – when a mum went into labour and dad wanted to be present at birth, Marta was at home looking after the toddler.

What happens when the parents are away? The days run as usual, the children are taken to nursery or to school, they are picked up, the groceries are done, dinner cooked and, fingers crossed, they are sound asleep at night. If your baby or child does not attend nursery or school then 24 hour care will be provided in your home, the environment your child knows best to ensure as little disruption as possible.

Marta will be happy to meet you before any arrangements are made to learn more about your child and your requirements. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions.


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