Newborn care

A post natal carer / newborn carer is a qualified childcarer with a lot of newborn experience, but no medical training. If a medical concern arises, the post natal carer will advice you to see a midwife or a paediatrician.

The post natal carer will help you to:

  • look after your baby, starting with settling at home,
  • establish a routine that works for your family,
  • support you with breastfeeding,
  • she will also undertake nursery duties
  • and answer your questions patiently.

This support is available straight after you come home from hospital. In England the post natal carer is also called a maternity nurses and works 24 hours a day (with breaks) for 5 or 6 days per week for usually 4 to 8 weeks.

Marta at Maternity Consultancy has a flexible approach when it comes to her working hours and the length of bookings. She works during the day or at night, often mixture of both. Bookings last from 2 to 12 weeks, for 3 to 5 days per week and on minimum 8 hours per day or night.

It is normal for small babies to wake at night. This is often because of hunger and, until they consume enough calories during the day, they will continue to do so. Marta is happy to help with night feeds, giving the baby a bottle of expressed breast milk or formula and, if you prefer to breastfeed, she will settle the baby to sleep after you’ve finished feeding. That way you’ll gain some extra sleeping time. Marta understands how important sleep is, for especially new parents.

If your baby is older than six months and still regularly wakes at night, you should look into establishing both day and bed time routines and perhaps, sleep training. Having routines in place helps babies learn that nights are for sleeping and it makes life more predictable for parents. It’s also easier to spot any changes like growth spurts or developmental leaps. Children thrive on routines.

Marta is also willing to travel with your family or take bookings abroad. She takes bookings directly but can also be booked through a Nanny and Maternity Nurse Agencies (in Switzerland and abroad), who perform background and reference checks on their candidates. Please note agency fee applies.

Feel free to check Marta’s availability and don’t hesitate to contact her, she will be happy to meet you before any arrangements are made.

Marta has attended a Maternity Practitioner traning by MNT in UK and completed via distance learning Newborn Care Specialist training by Boston Baby Nurse in USA.

Maternity Consultancy recommends booking a post natal carer in about 6th month of pregnancy, however there is no guarantee that Marta will be available. She will be happy to recommend other professionals or agencies who may be able to help you. Marta changes no fees for this recommendations.


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