Here you can find only extracts from letters of reference I have received from families. I will be happy to present you with full copies of the letters during the first home visit. Please contact me for more information.


“We have started our journey with Marta few days after our first baby was born, still in hospital. She paid us a visit and supported after a long, tiring childbirth. Then when we came home, she was absolutely irreplaceable with her advice and knowledge. She has helped us to settle our baby into the new life, supported the breastfeeding after few weeks of bottle feeding and helped to ease up colic.
Marta has a natural gift to calm down babies, cheer worried mums up and give confidence to new dads. I am so grateful for all she had done for us and would definitely recommend her to any new parents or parents to be. She has became the great friend of the whole family.
With Marta the New Life with Our Baby is easier, more enjoyable and less stressful.”
Mrs P.

“We worked with Marta to set a daily routine for our son (2.5 years old).
Marta was an absolute pleasure to work with and listened to the issues we were having and suggested several alternate routines and ideas. She also worked with us for an entire evening putting that into practice and our son took to her instantly. She had several pieces of useful advice and followed up after the session to check on how we were getting along with the new routine. We have been able to carry out her suggestions successfully and just those couple sessions with Marta helped us immensely.
We would recommend her services wholeheartedly.”
Mrs S.

“Marta helped my husband and me with our first child. She was invaluable source of information, giving us the confidence to feel comfortable taking care of our daughter at home on our own. She aided me with breastfeeding, exploring different positions and helping me with the various problems my daughter and I were having.
As Marta got to now our daughter, she was able to help us understand her different reasons for crying and how to soothe her and meet her needs. Marta helped us to establish a bathing, feeding, changing and sleeping schedule for our daughter, and she worked with us to learn how to stick to that schedule while taking our own schedules into consideration.
I highly recommend Marta to help new parents learn how to take care of their children with confidence.”
Mrs W.

“Marta was an excellent maternity nurse. She worked worked well with my husband and I, consulting us as to our objectives for our son and new family, before suggesting structures and elements of routine which would assist us in working towards those goals.
Marta guided us initially, before supporting us as things became more familiar. Marta showed initiative and displayed good judgement, calmness and organisation.
We would not hesitate to recommend her.”
Mrs P.

“Being parents of twins, we benefited greatly from Marta’s experience on a wide range of subjects and she helped us in particular with developing a schedule for the babies and getting them to sleep through the night. We found Marta to be very caring and friendly with the babies, who always seemed to enjoy her visit, and respond positively to her presence.
Marta was friendly and calm when in a stressful situation (as sometimes happens with twins!) and it was a huge help having someone so supportive.”
Mr B.

“Marta has been always doing a childcare related courses on baby care, newborn care or baby massage. She has been constantly updating her knowledge on new researches in childcare area. In a time I realized that Marta is not just an ordinary childcare provider she is an expert in her area therefore since I became pregnant and after I gave birth to my daughter her opinion and advice was invaluable. She always has an answer to the most peculiar questions regarding the upbringing of babies.
Although I work with the preschool age children myself and have read quite a few maternity books after giving birth I realized how little I knew about the newborn babies, therefore having Marta as a maternity  consultant made my life less stressful as a mother.
I would definitely recommend Marta to any first time mums. Her passion for babies, the professionalism could take lots of stress from your shoulders as a first time parent.”
Mrs S.

“Marta has given us tremendous support and we have benefited significantly from her invaluable childcare and child development skills. In particular, Marta has used her specialist knowledge to address a couple of issues we have been encountering regarding our daughter’s sleeping and eating. Marta has sleep trained our daughter in the most gentle way and since then she goes to sleep without any help. Marta has given some very helpful advice to enable our daughter to gain social skills and confidence.
Marta is extremely professional and reliable. I have no reservations in recommending Marta for any childcare position and in particular positions where assisting in child development are important.”
Mrs W.

“Marta is very calm and was so good at settling our newborn son into a very good feeding and sleeping routine. She also gave us such a  good advice on what we needed i.e. equipment, baby care products etc. Marta was very good at advising me on any queries I had and she shows a lot of common sense and gives practical advice.
Marta was a delight to have in the house and always had a happy and smiley disposition. She was extremely helpful and obliging and we couldn’t have asked for a better maternity nurse.
We wished she could have stayed forever.”
Mrs B.

“Marta looked after our three children aged 4, 2 and newborn with spacial responsibility for our newborn daughter. She is extremely capable, responsible and trustworthy person with a special talent for looking after babies. She helped me to get my newborn daughter into an easy day and night routine which fitted in around my other two children.
Marta has been a very important part of our household and we are sad to see her go.”
Mrs G.

“Marta rescued a difficult situation, I had a  lot of work to do and had to find a replacement nanny at the last minute. She came and immediately took control in a caring manner. She was fabulous with my little four-month-old baby boy.
She helped me with routines, these included feeding and sleeping. She was extremely helpful in teaching me ways to understand his needs and to stimulate him during playtime.
I cannot recommend her enough, she is a perfect addition to a household and can easily become part of a family.”
Ms A.

“Marta was a great help to me in the late stages of my pregnancy with our second son, and – since the baby’s arrival a few weeks ago – has also participated in his care. Marta has always been reliable, punctual and professional in her work with us. She is calm and interacts well with our 2-year old, who responds well to her and is happy in her company. In our experience, Marta has a natural, gentle way with young children and babies.”
Ms B.

“During her time with us Marta cared for my daughter carefully, kindly and conscientiously. She was knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest.”
Ms K.

“We have experienced Marta as being very reliable; she has never missed an appointment and has always been punctual. I had no doubts in leaving my daughter alone with her in our flat. Instead, I trust my daughter being in very good hands with Marta, which makes my evenings out even more enjoyable.”
Dr S.

“Marta was extremely competent and reliable. The fact that I felt able to leave the youngest child with her when he was ill is testimony to this. She is particularly good with small children and the baby was very fond of her.”
Mrs McL.