Developmental Baby Massage

1-to-1 sessions at Osteopathic Centre for Children in Meilen

times available 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm
– start next Monday


Developmental Baby Massage is a unique form of baby massage and movement created and taught to medical and childcare professionals worldwide by Peter Walker, physical therapist from London.

As the oldest and the most natural of all the healing arts, massage has been practised and enjoyed for centuries in many cultures around the world.

“Through a parent’s loving touch, babies receive many physical and emotional benefits.”- Peter Walker

Massaging a baby is meant to be a pleasurable experience for both the baby and their parent or carer. Massage is a very special way to care for your baby and aids his development every step of the way. Quite often those babies who do not respond well at the beginning, are the ones who eventually enjoy being massaged the most. Small steps and perseverance lead to success, so introduce massage slowly and if your baby gets upset, simply stop and try again when he is more receptive.

The main benefits of Developmental Baby Massage include:
– Stretching the front of baby’s body promoting deeper breathing.
– Stimulating blood circulation, thus warming the baby’s legs and feet.
– Improving muscular coordination and flexibility and helping straighten tightly flexed hands and legs.
– Relaxing the tummy and improving digestion.
– Strengthening the back ensuring good posture while sitting and standing.

Massage can be used to stimulate and soothe babies, as well as restoring normal development. Studies show that premature babies achieved greater weight gain, motor activity and alertness when massaged regularly. Babies with additional needs can also benefit greatly from being massaged. Their muscle tone can be influenced, circulation stimulated, and tactile senses are used to define the world.

Developmental Baby Massage helps with all stages of development from tummy time, through sitting, to crawling and walking. Massage relaxes babies and teaches them to cope better with stress and improves sleeping patterns.

The quality of touch is the most wonderful skill a parent can acquire. Learn how to massage your baby and practice every day at home. It’s a great bonding experience for mothers and fathers.


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Developmental Baby Massage courses in English:
– 4 sessions, about 45 min each
– 1-to-1 sesstions
– age: from 8 weeks to crawling
– location: Meilen, ZH, Bahnweg 133 (5 min walk from the train station, parking available)
– dates: start as early as next Monday
– teacher: Marta Kepinska, qualified in 2011 with International School of Developmental Baby Massage & Movement

What to bring:
– change of clothes, nappy for your baby
– oil for the massage (from 2nd session)
– comfortable clothes for yourself

You can read about baby massage oils here. Oils will be discussed during a first session, while your baby is dressed. Before using any oil on your baby’s skin it’s important to do a skin test first.