Emergency / temp nannying and babysitting

A nanny is a childcare professional who will look after your child/children during the day and perform nursery duties but no house work, unless otherwise agreed.

The nanny will work in your home on either full time or part time basis (for example after school) and can be temporary (during the summer holidays) or permanent. You can even have a nanny for one day as emergency cover, should your nanny be sick or if your child can’t attend nursery or school on that day. Nannies will have childcare qualifications and few years of experience.

A babysitter is a childcare professional who will mind your child/children in your home or hotel, should you be visiting Zürich on an evening, usually when your child/children is/are already asleep.

Babysitters should have at least First Aid training and be experienced, often they won’t have any qualifications. Maternity Consultancy strongly recommends booking qualified nannies as evening babysitters for very young babies.

Marta at Maternity Consultancy offers both nannying and babysitting services on temp and ad hoc basis only. This is due to all her bookings being taken on temporary basis, as they are offered to parents of newborn babies. She also understands the importance of new parents having time exclusively for themselves, hence the offer of babysitting services.

Marta works in partnership with other childcare professionals, who often step in and help with emergency nannying and babysitting bookings. Those child carers will be experienced and have at least First Aid training. You can always check Marta’s availability here.


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