Maternity Consultancy focuses on giving advice to new parents on all aspects of baby care but also offers hands-on help. There are different types of help available to suit the individual needs of many Clients.

Marta focuses mainly on working with first time parents, helping to care for newborns – single babies as well as twins. She also supports parents of older babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

As a full time maternity nurse, Marta has been working in partnership with parents to establish routines that suit the individual family’s needs. She also takes on the role of a night nanny to ensure her Clients can enjoy full night’s sleep. Marta offers breastfeeding support, but also guides through sterilising bottles and making up formula feeds.

When it comes to older babies and children, Marta has been helping parents with sleep training and has been babysitting in the evenings regularly. She has also done emergency nannying and proxy parenting.