Online consultations

I can help you get more sleep
Some of you may know know me, I may have already helped your family sleep better…
I started working with babies professionally in 2002. I’ve been supporting families in Switzerland for eleven years in person and via online consultations.
Online consultations
At the moment I’m only offering online consultations, it’s a safer option since I normally use public transport and support families with newborn babies, who are just starting to build up their immune systems. I do not want to put anyone at risk, safety is really important for me, I want your family and mine to remain healthy.
Cry it out
One of the questions I’m asked often is about crying it out, so I thought I will reassure you straight away. I do not support this method and will never ask you to leave your baby or toddler to cry it out.
How I work
My advice is individual for each family and each child. I always look at the bigger picture – routine, nutrition, sleep habits are all very important, that’s why I ask a lot of questions before the consultation happens.

Few words from my Clients
“Marta showed tremendous patience not only towards our son but also us. Her know-how enabled her to make our son very comfortable in her care” – first time parents.
“Marta’s approach is practical and confident, providing methods and tips in a wide range of areas, including nutrition, sleeping, baby development and toddler behaviour” – mum to newborn and toddler.
“Marta has a number of strengths but her main strength is making children comfortable. Our son was instantly at ease with Marta, we trusted her very quickly. She is very reliable, motivated and professional. She was an immense help in establishing a routine with our newborn” – first time dad.
“I engaged Marta’s services when my son was 5 months old. He was waking progressively more and more frequently throughout the night and I was facing challenges regarding his day time naps. Marta has not only assisted us with her professional knowledge and experience but has provided an enormous amount of support for me. She is kind, calm, confident and patient and we have seen significant improvements in my son’s sleeping as a result” – first time mum.
“Marta was the best investment I made in our family” – first time mum.
Book a consultation
If you would like to improve your child’s sleep, please get in touch. I’m self employed and would be very grateful if you decided to support my small business.
Online consultations are not new for me, I have a system in place and genuinely want to help you get more sleep. I’m not taking advantage on the difficult times, my fees remain the same.
and my FB page MaternityConsultancy where you can find some advice too.

Maternity and sleep practitioner

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