Open as usual… but safety first

From Wednesday 18th March I’m only offering online consultations until further notice.

On Tuesday the Swiss government advised the citizens to stay at home if their presence at work is not essential. Doctors have to be at the hospital, grocery shops need to be open… others are working from home. My service is not essential, it’s a luxury to have me looking after your newborn baby.

I have decided to put safety first and not expose a new baby to potentially contracting the virus by my commuting to work on public transport. Read more about how the virus affects children.

I have been thinking about it since Friday when the schools got closed until after Easter. I did not make that decision lightly, it’s the first time I’ve shortened the booking, and only by a quarter. But it’s also the first time we are dealing with a global pandemic.

This means I’m taking a pay cut and might potentially worry about paying my bills, but I’d rather worry about my bills than the health of others and my own. I’m trying to be socially responsible, it’s my way of doing my bit, before it gets worse.

So if you’d like to support my small business, please book an online consultation with me. I can advice on sleep, behaviour, weaning and nutrition and help you establish a perfect routine that works for your family.


Maternity and Sleep Practitioner


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