How to prepare a feed


How to prepare a formula feed

Making up bottles is not difficult, but sometimes a reminder is needed…


What to do…

  • wash you hands
  • make sure you have a clean surface to prepare the bottle on
  • follow instructions on the box, can’t tell you how important this is… by reading the instructions you will find out what the optimal water temperature is and how much water and formula powder you need to use
  • use the scoop provided
  • the scoop needs to be level, not packed or heaped, I like to use the blunt side of a knife to level the scoop
  • add the correct amount of water first, formula powder second
  • mix well, don’t shake up and down, as this creates a lot of air bubbles
  • make sure the feeding temperature is correct


What not to do…

  • do not add honey, sugar, cereals, crushed biscuits


It’s ok if your baby doesn’t want to finish the the whole feed.


Don’t forget to wash the bottles and teat well with washing up liquid and bottle brush and sterylise.


What to do about the bottle…

  • introduce a cup at around 6 months
  • phase out bottles by your baby’s first birthday



Maternity and sleep practitioner






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