What my Clients say

I have the best job in the world. Happy parents and smiling babies are the best rewards. Knowing the family sleep improved, that I was able to support them through a difficult time or made the beginning of parenthood easier makes me feel accomplished. Hearing from the mums and dads about what it meant for them to have my support, it’s just another story…


“We were rocking the baby to sleep, our baby wasn’t happy and was often crying, despite our best rocking efforts. We were exhausted. After the consultation we had with Marta, we need to comfort the baby sometimes, but the difference in sleep quality is huge. We see inspiring results after just one week of doing things the new way. We feel relieved.” – first time dad


I was lacking confidence in knowing how best to establish a routine and sleep plan for my baby. I really appreciate Marta’s guidance and understanding. Her experience and tips and calm, confident approach is most reassuring. I gained confidence in knowing what to do.” – first time mum


“We got off track and started to struggle with our little 8 month old. Nothing seemed to work anymore, the “tricks” that used to work before suddenly didn’t. We were struggling and really desperate. Marta was able to clearly identify the issues, and propose lots of options how we could solve them. We struggled with the sleep rhythm of our son and within one day of observation and consultation Marta was able to start working on the solution and only a couple of days later the issue was completely solved. I felt so much release and was positive again! Also I got more sleep again. My little son also felt much better as he was getting his proper sleep. Very impactful visit for our entire family!” – first time mum


If you need more sleep or a better family routine, reach out I might be able to help you too. I offer consultations, how to days as well as 24 hour care.
I’ve been helping families for over 16 years in Switzerland and beyond. I provide my services in English but work with international families around the world.


Maternity and sleep practitioner


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