Hand knitted hats

Something new today… I love knitting.

I knit quite a lot for babies. My Clients’ babies are enjoying the hand knits and I also participate in swaps in the knitting community. Some new mums are too busy to knit, but appreciate the knitted items, so here is where I come in. I send the knitted hats and sweaters and they send me the most beautiful wool to create even more of the knitted goods.

My nephew got a hat from me recently and loves it. He says it’s very soft and warm. It’s a merino wool hat. I think it’s my favourite wool to knit with.

Some of the hats were gifts and some were especially ordered by my lovely Clients. Thank you very much!

I’m sure you are curious how they look like…

Yes, I’ve knitted hats for twins, using the same colours but in different designs and even a Yoda looking hat, because baby’s dad is a huge fan of Star Wars.

Special offer

I thought this year I’ll open 10 spots for hand knitted merino wool hats. You can choose the colours, design and size, of course, just let me know your baby’s head circumference.

Interested? Need more details? Contact me
Order by 30th November 2017 and receive the hat before Christmas.

Perfect Christmas present!





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