Black Friday Sale


Dear Parents, wherever you are in the world, I have a special offer for you.
Valid for bookings made tomorrow only – on Friday 25th November 2016

25% off Skype consultations*


Now sure if this offer is right for you?
Schedule in a complimentary Skype call (30min) to find out how I could help you to improve your baby’s daily routine, how to get more sleep or solve another issue you might be struggling with. Looking forward to hearing from you!
My Skype name: Maternity Consultancy

Why work with me?
– experience, I started working with babies in 2002 (I suppose “babysitting” my 10 month old brother aged 4 doesn’t count)
– knowledge (I invest in learning all the time to stay up to date)
– tailor made advice and support for your family
– results: happy babies and happy families
– I understand what it means to be sleep deprived

What do other parents say?
“We were really impressed with the results. Marta was able to clearly identify the issues, and proposed lots of options how we could solve them. We struggled with the sleep rhythm of our son. We were able to start working on the solution the very same day and only a couple of days later the issue was completely solved.
I felt so much release and was positive again! Also I got more sleep again. My little son also felt much better as he was getting his proper sleep. Marta had such a positive impact on our son and therefore on the quality of life for our entire family.” – first time mum of 8 months old boy

“We benefited greatly from Marta’s experience on a wide range of subjects and she helped us in particular with developing a schedule for the babies and getting them to sleep through the night. As well as giving valuable advice, Marta was hands-on, helping out with feeding, changing, bathing etc. Marta was friendly and calm when in a stressful situation (as sometimes happens with twins!) and it was a huge help having someone so supportive.” – first time dad of newborn twins

“Our 5 months old daughter was very unsettled with no sleep or eating schedule. During the observation Marta was able to understand the personality of our daughter and how to enjoy her more. Marta’s advice on daily schedule has been really helpful and since starting this I feel all the family appreciate how our day will go. Marta has given us so much is such short period of time. Our daughter is like a new baby and we are really enjoying time with her.” – mum of two children

* bokings made and paid for on 25th November 2016
* consultations to be used before or on 21st December 2016


Newborn Care Specialist
Maternity and Sleep Practitioner
Developmental Baby Massage Teacher

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