Books for the nursery

It’s never to early to start reading to your child, I mean you can read to a newborn baby, they might not understand the story, but they will enjoy hearing your voice.

Reading to your child has many benefits, like bonding, since it’s a one-to-one activity, so cherish this time together. Research shows that exposing your baby to more words is preparing her/him to eventually start reading on her/his own. Children who were read to as newborns have a larger vocabulary, studies show.

From 0 to 3 months, your child will start focusing his or her eyes on simple patterns on the pages. Picture books are great to start with, you can make up your own stories. Here are just a few of my favourite baby books. Interactive lift-the-flap books, repetitive text and bold colours can be found in the books pictured below.

Books for the nursery

Reading is something to be enjoyed, not a chore that needs to be done for school, so enjoy it, read together, foster the love of reading in your child.


Newborn Care Specialist
Maternity and Sleep Practitioner

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