Guest post – how to make a birthday party special

EDIT December 2016 – the company does not exist any more. But the advice is still valid.

I’d like to introduce Louise and Jennine to you – sisters living in Zürich, who together have over 10 years experience in children’s event planning and early years education. Putting their ideas and knowledge together they created Make it Special, a children’s entertainment company specialising in party entertainment and for private family/corporate events.

Make it Special

Photo credit: Make it Special

Here is some advice from Louise, a mum herself. I hope you’ll find it useful, as those little babies, I help to care for, grow into toddlers and will soon go to school…

With the school holidays drawing to an end, planning and organising your little ones social calendar for the next school year begins! For many parents with children of school age, we await the arrival of birthday invitations… piling in from children you don’t know and usually arriving all at the same time and blocking up the next few months worth of Sunday afternoons, or… dealing with the upset and pain from your child when they discover they weren’t on the invite list! Your mini me’s will be wondering what you have in stall for them or have probably told you what sort of party they would like to have, even though their birthday isn’t until next June!

Let the fun begin!

As a mother of three girls I understand the fun of planning birthdays and scheduling my weekends around my children’s social calendars… I also have the joy of receiving invitations to parties of boys and wondering what on earth to buy them… how am I meant to know? Everything in my house is pink, sparkly, related to princesses or loom bands!…
The end of day it’s all part of the fun of growing up, many of us have fond memories of parties with friends throughout our childhood and many of us will remember how different they are to the parties that are held today! It’s not about keeping up with the Jones’, it is about providing a special magical day that you can share with your child and treasure the photos and memories years later.

So how can you cut the stress of planing the perfect party? What’s the best age to start organising parties and what will your guests expect from you?

As children’s party entertainers we understand that planning a party for your child can be worrying time for some parents. Working parents may not have the time to put together the entertainment and some just enjoy being able to sit back and take the photos. If you have children aged 2 and under keeping it small is always a good option, having friends for tea and cake to mark your child’s birthday is a nice way to spend the afternoon without to much stress. Children of this age don’t need much entertainment and are happy to toddle about with a few friends in tow.

Once you hit the age of 3-4, your child is more aware that it is their birthday and is starting to understand the concept of a party. Entertainment for the under 4’s can be kept simple with some songs and simple games. Having worked many times with this age group we find that children still need support of their parents and that they may need to participate and join in when an entertainer is present to give their child the confidence to join in the fun with a ‘stranger’.

From the age of 4 the fun begins. Imagination runs wild and anything is possible – go exploring with pirates, discover dinosaurs or have a sugar plum fairy ballet party?!  It is so much fun to see their little faces when they get the chance to meet ‘real’ pirates, princess and fairies…. a definite moment for mum or dad to grab the camera! Themed parties are a big hit from 4 until the age of 8, from when children are looking for a slightly more ‘grown up’ form of entertainment. Cooking parties, Cupcake decorating, Pamper parties, Street dance, Ballet, Hiphop, Glee club… so many options are still available to you. By this age your child will have many different friends and to keep numbers down it may be helpful to chose a theme for your child that they will enjoy. If you have boys you may find yourself holding a Street Dance party where they only want to invite other boys, and girls to hold a cupcake and pampering party and to invite only their other girlfriends. Do not worry about having to invite everyone but if you find your child has invited all the boys or all the girls in their class by one due to number limitations it won’t do much harm to send an extra invitation to make sure no ones feelings get hurt!

Above all, have fun and enjoy it. Embrace the magical moments with your children and encourage them to enjoy their childhood as much as possible!

If you are looking for some help with your party entertainment then please feel free to contact Louise at Make it Special to see what they can offer to make your party dreams a reality.

See you at a special birthday party.

Marta @ Maternity Consultancy



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