Review – Kanga with Miriam

Some time ago I had the pleasure to join Miriam in her class. I really enjoyed it and here is my experience…

Kanga with Miriam

Miriam with baby Emma

Kanga has founded in 2008 by a personal trainer who was specialising in pre and postnatal exercise, who needed a way to exercise with her baby close to her.

She knew exactly how to structure a safe and effective exercise program for not only herself but for other new mums and their babies.

It all started in Austria and now is taking over the world.

I joined the class in Zürich, not knowing what to expect, I didn’t do much reading beforehand, so it took me by surprise. The only thing I knew was that I needed a baby carrier and a baby… My baby sized doll came to the rescue and I was ready, or so I thought…

With music in the background, Miriam started to show stretching exercises, with babies on exercising mats, it felt like an energetic yoga class with music. But after every mum has put her baby in their carriers the real deal begun. It was exercise and elements of dance, all coordinated with music.

Everyone moved beautifully in sync, apart from me. I can’t dance and was so totally lost, trying to keep up with everybody, it was not easy. Yet I was encouraged to try over and over and reassured that nearly everyone looks like this during their first class. So if you sign up for some post natal exercise, don’t give up after the first training.

It was great fun to be able to join and my body has remembered what I’ve done a few days after. Muscles I never knew existed were aching. I thought to myself this is definitely a way to go if you want to get fit after giving birth. You just need the go ahead from your gynaecologist at the six weeks check up and you can start.

Miriam will be able to advise you on which baby carrier is best for the training, as not all are suitable. She teaches her classes in German but would also explain this to me in English, especially when I was not able to follow.

Let’s Kanga! Get some exercise, learn some German and meet new mums in the area. I can highly recommend Miriam’s class.





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