Review – HIPSTER by MiaMily

For over 12 years I have been working with babies and children as a nursery nurse, a nanny and a maternity nurse. Over the years I have carried hundreds of babies in my arms and unfortunately my back has made a note of that fact. I do a lot of yoga and have attended many physiotherapy sessions to help strengthen my back and relieve the pain, but this serves to highlight the importance of carrying infants correctly and with your own health in mind.

I am the proud owner of Maternity Consultancy in Switzerland and have the pleasure of working with many new parents, who very often ask for direction when choosing the perfect baby carrier.

I have been very fortunate to have come across HIPSTER by MiaMily here in Switzerland and have been using it for a couple of weeks with my charges.  As Hipster offers great support by carrying the weight of the baby on your hips, I am pleased to say I have had no back pain. Both babies and toddlers seemed really comfortable and happy in the carrier; curious to look around all the time.



Photo credit: MiaMily

What I most like about the carrier are the different ways you can carry your baby and at the same time enjoy having the baby close to you without suffering back pain. In the past I have used Hippychick Hipseat and other carriers like ErgoBaby and Manduca. Hipster offers a seat and a carrier in one product and it is an easy system to use too. It takes no time to detach the carrier from the seat and to attach it back again. It is very user friendly.

I highly recommend Hipster for older babies, who are able to support their head and have some back strength already, as the carrier is very sturdy. For younger babies I always use soft fabric wraps. Due to the unique design that incorporates the seat into the carrier, your baby has more space and it does not feel like you are squashing the baby against your body. There is also a feature that I have not found with any other carrier I have tried – you can safely carry your baby facing forward. What does safely mean? When your baby’s legs don’t dangle but are supported and wide open to ensure healthy hip development. Safety is extremely important in my work. In fact, it always comes first.

Hipster comes in variety of colours, so you can choose one that suits your family best. Mums and Dads can easily share one carrier as it is easy to adjust. Hipster did fit me very well but the hip strap was slightly too small for one of my clients. The removable covers on the shoulder straps are a great idea; easy to remove and wash after your baby has been chewing on them. The only thing I miss is a dribble cover for when you carry your baby facing forward. Just imagine a teething six month old baby who is keen to chew on absolutely everything… If Hipster came with a waterproof cover to wash it would be ideal. I like to use one with my charges and it would be beneficial for hygiene reasons too. Each baby I carry could have their own dribble cover.

However Hipster does tick all the other boxes for me and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid back problems. Babies grow fast and become heavier very quickly. When purchasing Hipster, you receive three carriers in one – with two shoulder straps, with one strap and a hip seat. I am confident this Swiss product is good value for money and can be used for a long period of time.


Interested in buying Hipster? Head over to Kickstarter. Their campaign is open for another 8 days, where you will receive a discount, as well as a few extras plus free delivery world wide.


May 2015 edit: The Kickstarter campaign was a success and you can buy Hipster directly from their website. All Swiss Mummies and my Clients can get a discount. Please contact me for details!

Happy and safe baby wearing!




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