Gâteau au yaourt

Something I wanted to share a while ago already… I found this book a very interesting read, half a diary and half a parenting guide, written by an American journalist who lives in Paris – Pamela Druckerman. “French kids don’t throw food” it’s the European title of the book, but you may have also heard “Bringing up bebé” as it’s known in USA. This book has a lot of practical advice which every French parent is aware of but other nationalities not so much. I provide parents with lots of advice you can find in this book, well… I have been doing so even before reading it.

Book "French kids don't throw food""

I really like the advice it gives you about sweets. Parents are worried their children eat too much sugar, I agree. If you try to eliminate it completely from the children’s diet they will eat lots of it when you’re not looking. Instead French parents allow their children to eat sweets, cake and chocolate at spacial occasions only and they have more control over how much their child eats.

It’s not cake time all the time, but the book does include a recipe for a yoghurt cake and I just had to try it. I do love to bake! This recipe had too much sugar in it, so I only used half the amount and it was sweet enough. If you bake it yourself you can always decide how much sugar to use.

Yoghurt cake

It’s time I had a piece… Don’t you agree?

Yoghurt cake slice


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