Review – Organic cotton baby jammies

Maternity Consultancy started to test products with the help of parents, of course. Here is the very first review.

Already a while ago I was very lucky to receive a product from Baby Essentials. It was the middle of winter in Switzerland, so it was difficult to test it as the lovely organic cotton jammies have short sleeves. Now however we have summer and over 30 degrees Celsius outside, so perfect timing to try out the product.

It arrived packaged beautifully, it was a pleasure to take the jammies out of its box. You just have to see for yourself…

Baby Essentials package


They look even better on this cute little baby!

Baby Essentials - organic cotton baby jammies

photo credit: Baby Essentials



I just love cotton products for babies and this jammies are no exception, they are very soft and they have cute designs too. Here is what a mum has to say, obviously from the practical point of view:

” Nice and cozy, soft cotton pyjamas. Despite the excellent quality of cotton and very good finish, I think this pyjamas are not very practical for a small baby. I would definitely prefer it to be one piece. I would like two versions, one for the summer with short sleeves and short legs and one for the winter with long sleeves, long legs and feet! My overall rating is 8/10 “


I can only add that if you decide to buy them, opt for the bigger size. I received the jammies in size 24 months and they are snugly fitting an 18 month old.


Some details of the design. Aren’t these birds cute?


Big thank you to Baby Essentials to let us try out their organic cotton baby jammies! We’re looking forward to new designs…

Maternity Consultancy recommends this product for toddlers.


If you are interested in Marta @ Maternity Consultancy writing a review of your product, please get in touch.




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