Weaning guide

All babies grow really fast and before you know they will be eating what you eat… Well, perhaps not until they turn one. The weaning process can begin at different ages, it depends on your baby, if they are ready and interested in food. The introduction of solids should not start before they turn 17 weeks. WHO advices to start weaning in the 6th month, which means when your baby turns 5 months.

It’s important to remember weaning is an ongoing process, your baby needs time to learn how to eat from a spoon, how to drink water from a cup, they need to learn about different flavours. They will love some foods from the very first spoon and dislike other foods. Just be patient and take one step at a time! For some ideas on cooking baby food check my Facebook page, you’ll find some useful links.

You can read more about what’s recommended in Switzerland here, unfortunately only in German. Swiss Society of Paediatrics have put together a visual guide of “Introducing foods to babies” in English.

Swiss Paediatrics weaning guide


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