Baby food

Baby food - copyright Emily Watson

copyright Emily Watson

In my work I mainly focus on newborn babies, but they grow… very, very quickly and before you realise you need to start thinking about solid food.

When it’s the best time to introduce solids? What to offer first? What to cook? Are just few questions every parent will ask – themselves, the paediatrician or me…

The World Health Organisation recommends to start weaning in the sixth month of age, you need to bear in mind some babies may need to be weaned earlier than that because of various reasons. I recommend starting with baby rice mixed with milk (either breast milk or formula), your baby knows the taste of milk already, so they can slowly learn how to eat from the spoon. One thing at a time!

Cooking for babies is just another story… it does not have to take a lot of time, you can cook bigger batches and freeze it in small portions. You really don’t have to cook every single day to offer your baby a variety of healthy foods. Check out this colourful baby food to get some inspiration. Do you have an older child and struggle with ideas for snacks? – here are some healthy snacks for toddlers and preschoolers. I recently came across this slide show of baby food from around the world and just had to share it! Hope you like it too.


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