To write or not to write…

Stack of childcare books

… a book… I’ve been told quite a few times now that I should write a book with the advice I give parents. Sounds great, but it means only adding another book to the already existing huge number of publications on childcare, sleep, feeding…

The advice I provide parents with is very individual, tailor made and would not suit all. There are of course basic rules I stick to but there are already books containing this advice, so why repeat.

This photograph represents a small part of my library, some of the titles are worth recommending to every parent and some are not. If I recommend any books it’s usually after I already had a good chat with the parents or parents to be and I can choose a book or two they will benefit from.

I’ve lost count on how many baby books I’ve read, it’s part of my work and I have the time to do it, usually on the trains commuting to work. The parents I work with are usually very busy and certainly don’t have a lot of spare time to read 10 books a day to find the right advice that would work for their baby. I’ll keep on reading and filtering the best advice that works and offering it to the parents I work with.

The conclusion would be that I will not be writing any books any time soon or posting baby advice on my blog for the very simple reason that I listen to every baby I look after and take my time analysing the needs of every individual family.  Doing this allows me to offer the parents practical advice that suits their family, that is simple to implement and follow through. I believe parents know their babies best, sometimes they just need encouragement and support to gain the confidence in their new role. That’s why I’ve created Maternity Consultancy…



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