Why in the press?…

The behind the scenes of a previous post… A while ago I registered with a very friendly nanny agency in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. One beautiful day in August I got asked by Gisela, the agency owner, if I’d be interested in an interview for a magazine, as they were looking to interview a nanny.

And a very special nanny they got… A maternity nurse, who sometimes works around the clock with newborn babies, makes sure parents get plenty of rest and also gain confidence in looking after their precious little ones, step by step.

A big thank you to Gisela at Nanny Swiss
for allowing me to appear in the magazine Schweizer Familie.

Nanny Swiss Agency

If you are looking for a nanny for older babies or children, you should definitely contact Nanny Swiss. It’s a professional agency which helps parents to find the prefect nanny. They have English, German and Italian speaking nannies on their books, amongst many others. Give it a try, I’m sure it will be a success story.


One thought on “Why in the press?…

  1. It was a pleasure for us to recommend Marta as a nanny for the article! She has a lot of experience, best references and she certainly provides every family with best advice. We look forward to still working with her! With best regards, Gisela from http://www.nannyswiss.ch

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