Planned holidays

Tuscan hills

Cypress lined road in the hills of Tuscany, Italy

Starting a tradition… No matter what the planned holiday destinations are for the year, Tuscany is always one of them. It may seem like I do nothing else but travel, but I can assure you, I’ve been working very had since we got back from the Tatras, helping parents to establish routines, teach babies and children to sleep, especially at night, so that they could also get some beauty sleep themselves.

Tomorrow we’re going to Italy and will be admiring the amazing views of Tuscan hills and cypress lined roads and of course enjoying the wonderful food and great wine.

I already have a booking on my way back, so will only start answering emails on Thursday 12th September. On Monday mornings I’ll be teaching Developmental Baby Massage and the rest of the week will be spent on consultancy and hands-on help, as well as meetings.
You can always check my long term availability here.


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