Association of Birth and Baby ProfessionalsAs a professional, I started working with babies in 2002 but if you also count looking after by baby brother, you need to subtract 10 years from this date. My brother is 10 years younger than me and a grown man by now but for me he is still my “baby brother”.

Perhaps this early experience has helped to shape my future. I decided to dedicate my studies to “baby” education completing various courses on childcare, breastfeeding, sleep training and maternity nursing. I now work as a maternity consultant, dividing my time between hands-on work with newborn babies, since last year especially twins and consulting mainly on the issues of sleep and help families to establish routines for their babies and toddlers.

This year I decided to join The Association of Birth and Baby Professionals, which is a great networking platform. I’m hoping it will help me to stay on top the newest research and offer support in the maternity nurse role, as the are not very many of us in Switzerland.

The ABBP hopes “that members will inspire each other to a higher and more knowledgeable standard of practice, that will benefit the mothers and babies we work with, and create a standard that others will aspire to”. I very much agree with their statement.


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