Spring – time for a new beggining

Spring is here and it feels great to have completed my little project and the website is looking refreshed with lovely pictures of the adorable babies I had pleasure to photograph way back in January.

April Fools’ Day is only a few days away and I thought it’s a fantastic opportunity to present you with this mini last minute competition.

April Fools’ Day Competition

° a mini photo session *  with me and it’s not a joke 🙂

How to enter:
° on 1st April comment on this post, including
– why you’d like to win a mini photo session with me (maternity or baby photo sessions)
– which photo in my portfolio is your favourite and why, mARTa photography
° use the same comment and fill in the contact form with your details (so that I can contact the lucky winner)
° most interesting answer will win and I’ll contact the winner directly

Can’t wait to read your entries!

Share it with friends!

* 1 hour photo session in your home or on location is free, prints and digital images are to be purchased; session must be booked before or on April 30th 2012


2 thoughts on “Spring – time for a new beggining

  1. Why I would like to win this competition. Our beautiful daughter Grace was born in August last year. She is the most precious thing in the world to me and was born a true fighter. I had a very difficult pregnancy and she nearly didn’t make it, but Grace is a strong character. She brings us so much happiness everyday and we have been truly blessed. I would love to capture her personality in pictures so we can treasure this time forever.

    http://www.martaphotography.500px.com/little_ones/#/2 is my favorite photo. You have captured the happiness and innocence of babyhood in a wonderful way.

  2. Why I would be delighted to win: my daughter Lia is already 1.5 years old. Time flew by and we’ve never come around to have a professional shooting what I dearly regret. Already she’s so much changed and become her own little person with such a rich mimic and of course the most beautiful face ever 🙂 I feel, it is high time to have her put before a lens and have unforgettable memories of this precious time and to share such photos with my family, who due to geographics only sees her twice a year.
    You seem to me to be really able to capture the beauty of children, to not just have their face on a flat paper, but to also show their personality. This is what I would love to have of my daughter also.

    http://martaphotography.500px.com/little_ones/#/13 This picture is my favourite! There is so much wisdom in such young eyes and the picture is beautiful, intriguing and very expressive.

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